Is this thing on?!

New blog, who dis?!


I am an Emergency Medicine doctor (a second year resident, to be exact). As such, most of my days are hard and unglamorous. I’ve found myself lusting after a life that I see on Instagram– full of shopping, travel, and being cute as a profession– so many times. I would never hate on those folks, and applaud everybody’s efforts to get money and live their best lives. However, this social media envy often makes me forget just how much I love what I do. Instagram is a place where people find inspiration, so I want to be sure that as a young Black doctor I’m also making my presence known. Part of this feels so egotistical and self-promoting, but I want to inspire little boys and girls who look like me. Every day as I navigate the halls of the huge county hospital I spend most of my time in, I’m grateful for the perspective and the experience that I have because of my education and my background.


Most doctors don’t get to dap up all the janitors passing by in the middle of presenting a challenging oncological case. Most doctors don’t get to hear the grateful sigh of an immigrant grandmother when she realizes they speak Spanish and is Brown like her (yes, I am fluent in Spanish!). Most doctors can’t rap along to that new Cardi B banger with their teenage patient to put them at ease.  I am lucky! My parents often joke that they raised their kids to be trilingual- English, Spanish, and Ebonics– and it’s true. I get to speak to so many different people from so many different backgrounds every day, and I am in the unique position to make Black and Brown people feel listened to in a healthcare system that often makes them feel just the opposite.  And, as an Emergency Medicine specialist, I’m the first doctor they get to see when they come into the hospital. Surprise!


Don’t get me wrong, I care for and love all my patients no matter what they look like, but I did go into medicine with a particular concern for devoting my life to the underserved, and I was raised to always look out for my people no matter what. I have been blessed with my lot in life, and I plan to do as much as I can to share these blessings.  


So, without further ado, welcome to a little sneak peek into my everyday reality. I’ma still hit y’all with the travel and lifestyle stuff because, let’s be honest, we all need a little fun and aesthetic pleasure. But I decided to start this blog because I want the voice of a young Black professionals to be heard as loudly as possibly in this crazy social media world.  By doing that, I hope to expose the real nitty gritty of what’s it’s like to work in an urban Emergency Room where I have to be ready to do whatever it takes to save lives at any time, and how I deal with that particularly as a Black woman in today’s America.


Clearly, I have all the opinions and could talk for days. Tell me what you want to know! Ask questions, solicit advice, and consider this a place to share. Let’s build a network of voices.

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