Oh hey! My name is Anna Darby, aka Dr. Anna Banana, and I secretly aspire to be a trap rapper named The CheckUp. Until that career takes off though, I’m an Emergency Medicine doctor, currently in a two year research/policy fellowship called the National Clinical Scholars Program at UCLA (link to explain wth that means here). Being a young, Black, female physician trying to find that perfect work-life balance definitely isn’t easy, but I’m managing to have a lot of fun along the way.

Things I love: all things Black, tacos, football, love, my village, nail polish, wading into unknown waters, and nectarines.

Things you can expect to find on this page: occasional rants, general musings on life, inspiration for those of you thinking about a career in medicine, and whole lot of love.

Give me feedback! Comment! Excited to hear from y’all 🙂