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As a rule, I’m trying to make 2020 my comeback year for reading. Residency was HARD, being a doctor is HARD, but I refuse to believe that we cannot be well-rounded and culturally aware just because we spend a lot of the time in the hospital. Recently, audiobooks have become more important in my rotation, and listening to the autobiography of Assata Shakur has been one of the great joys of my last couple of weeks. She does an amazing job of weaving in her personal history with the incredibly horrendous tales of her arrests/trials/incarceration. You learn about how she learned, she’s open and honest about some of her missteps, and scatters gems along the literal road.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I certainly learned more about the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army than your average citizen, but as an adult I have a newfound desire to truly understand this history and how it has shaped some of our current movements. HIGHLY recommend this book- gotta know our past in order to build our present!